about the work.


Three words describe Daniela Schweinsberg's art:


Abstract. Powerful. Gestural.


The Artist Daniela Schweinsberg is an abstract painter. Her works stand for a strong gestural power and the artists certain characteristic style.


Her works are affected by the free and powerful brushstrokes, that are always recognisable - passionate and energetic.


The artworks are created informally. Each step builds on the previous step, leaving room for chance but also for corrections and erasures, until the final finished artwork has evolved as a composition of colour, shapes, lines and contrasts.


Daniela's works of art are informal; they are her personal expression of experiences and impressions. Each piece is truly unique and only one of its kind.


The energetic works invite the viewer, to explore and discover them - and to elicit it's individual message!


"An abstract painting challenges the artist even more, because

its an act of creation on the artist's own terms." 




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